Amogha Vaporizer Lemongrass Fragrance


Give your home a scent of fresh air with fragrance vaporizer from iris. With its sleek design, it is sure to enhance the beauty of your home. Crafted from good quality material, it refreshes your mind, body and soul. Use this to accentuate your home decor. Available in lemongrass scent, it gives your home a fresh and rejuvenating feel .

  •   Refreshes your mind and body
  •   Its crisp aroma gives you energizing

product content : one ceramic vaporizer,10ml oil ,4 tea lights ,fragrance type lemongrass

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Amogha Vaporizer Lemongrass Fragrance, Lemongrass Scent, Toxin-Free, Fine-Living Fragrance, Aromachology, Mood Enhancer, Made in India -10 ml Vaporizer Oil with 4 Tealights

  • Introducing the Amogha Vaporizer with Lemongrass Fragrance, a sublime fusion of aromachology and fine-living fragrance to uplift your senses. Immerse yourself in the refreshing scent of lemongrass, carefully crafted to be toxin-free and a mood-enhancer. This Made in India Vaporizer Set includes a 10 ml bottle of Lemongrass Vaporizer Oil and four complimentary tealights for an enchanting aromatic experience.
  • Experience the invigorating and citrusy aroma of lemongrass with our Amogha Vaporizer. Lemongrass is known for its fresh and uplifting scent, creating a mood-enhancing atmosphere in your living spaces.
  • Our Lemongrass Vaporizer Oil is crafted with a commitment to quality and safety. The toxin-free formulation ensures that you can enjoy the delightful fragrance without compromising on your well-being.
  • Elevate your living spaces with the essence of fine-living. The Lemongrass Vaporizer is designed to add a touch of luxury to your home, transforming it into a haven of refreshing scents and positive energy.
  • Embrace the power of aromachology – the study of how scents can affect emotions. The Lemongrass fragrance is carefully chosen to enhance your mood, providing a sense of rejuvenation and positivity.
  • The set includes a generous 10 ml bottle of Lemongrass Vaporizer Oil, allowing for prolonged use and an enduring aromatic experience. A little goes a long way, making this vaporizer oil a cost-effective choice for fine-living fragrance enthusiasts.
  • Enhance the visual appeal of your Amogha Vaporizer with four complimentary tealights. The gentle glow of these tealights not only adds warmth but also complements the diffusion of the lemongrass fragrance.
  • Proudly crafted in India, the Amogha Vaporizer is a celebration of the rich heritage of fragrances in the country. Each element is thoughtfully curated to reflect the essence of Indian craftsmanship and quality.
  • Transform your home into a sanctuary of positivity and freshness with the Amogha Vaporizer Lemongrass Fragrance. Immerse yourself in the invigorating scent, let the aromachology elevate your mood, and indulge in the fine-living fragrance that defines the essence of this Made in India Vaporizer Set.

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