The Kamandal is termed as a traditional and an  symbolic water vessel in format of Hinduism, particularly associated with ascetics terms of pure format, monks, and also been spiritually inclined with the individuals. kamandal is being Shaped like a small gourd or an pumpkin shape material , this simple and the significant vessel  been carries deep spiritual and cultural connections by the terms and use of the kamandal.

kamandal is  founded and deeply symbolic object for the Hindu spirituality and uses in the puja room for the pure form of water to be showered. Its association with severe self-discipline and avoiding of all forms of indulgence purity, and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment makes as an revered item among those dedicated to the spiritual path. The kamandal not only represents the way of simplicity and humility of a spiritual journey but also the form of sacredness and transformative power of water as a source of life and spiritual formulation which gives an positive intent note that makes an holistic form of usage for the kamandal.

Water in the kamandal represents the amrita ,the elixir of life—thus the symbol of  an fertility, life and also an wealth, The kamandal is also been  depicted in the hands of gods, who appear as expertized, like shiva and Brahma, also a water lord like varuna, ganga and saraswathi , the appearance which will give an efficient note of positivity which their holding the kamandal in the hands of gods. it is also used in the puja room for the purpose of holding the small amount of water, which makes the water holistic and pure form of indication.

Kamandal is an oval shaped vessel, which looks almost  like a kalash with a handle and also with a spout. A Kamandal with a spout will be looks like a teapot design. Also ,it has been generally made up of metal such as brass or the copper material but it can also be looks like an of pumpkin, or an oval shaped item. the primary purpose is  mainly used to store water by Hindu ascetics. Hence, it is also been used as a Hindu belif for asceticism. it is also called as an kamandalu or kamandal used for the purpose of holistic storing of water.

kamandal is form of traditional pot is used by Gods for their own beliefs of holistic storing pot  and also munis to curse the a person who has broken and also to bless their devotees by sprinkling the Kamandal water on them it spray on the devotees to bless them by the following holistic water.  This upholds level the power of the water in the Kamandal. According to the most familiar Hindu text ‘Garuda purana’, it states that gifting an Kamandal to a Brahmin during the funeral ceremony done for a dead person also that ensures  the dead person will receives plenty of drinking water in his afterlife journey which have an belief towards the kamandal

Even in modern days  some villages, Hindu religious sanyasis visit some of the houses and collect the rice till their brass Kamandal gets filled and  cook that rice as mid-day meal sitting under  tree. Till this date  many of the Hindu temples of Lord Shiva and other worship of god Kamandal is still used as a  abhisheka to the lord. hence kamandal is being the purest form of material to makes their belief on the holistic water to be stored on this kamandal.

In recent  days Kamandalu is made up of brass, copper, and the silver. Aesthetically evolving it is a beautiful combination of brass that formulates the kamandal in good shape to intimates the level of pure holistic product, It is formed as a three stepped base,  this type of Kamandalu is called as Ganga Jamuna Kamandalu. It is a round shaped kamandal with the  wide-open neck that will be having a semicircular handle attached to the mouth of Kamandal to increase the grip when carried and also while snout – from that  the water can be poured in a controlled way , the beautiful artistic kamandal is available on the ArtyCraftz online store eco-friendly.

Since from the  ancient times Hindus consider that ,some of the metals are very sacred for worship and auspicious to prepare gods idols and for the other Pooja materials. among these three metals like Copper, Brass and silver.  copper shares the characteristics with a great affinity to Venus ,the brass kamandal represents the form of uniqueness and holistic format of the following design to the kamandal .

The kamandal is wonderfully hand-carved design, showcasing it has an  intricate patterns and designs with excellent details on its surface. The brass kamandal not only gives a classic and timeless look but also ensures the level of  its durability and longevity of the kamandal. Brass is widely used in an traditional craftsmanship due to the quality of making a shape without breaking, corrosion resistance, and ability to hold the detailed intricate details. The durable brass is equipped with kamandal that make it highly advantageous. and it looks very attractive and become an eye catcher.

Also being resistant to the high temperature to possessing the unwavering shine the brass metal is  very genuine. The brass metal is easy to maintain and  it will be long lasting but try to avoid using any harsh chemical on the brass kamandal. The beautiful kamandal  will add a distinctive touch to your interior. It will give an visual appeal and is a perfect gift option to earn positive image from your beloveds.

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