Handmade Tashtari Dhoop Dhani – Set Of 2


Dimensions Small: 15x15x9 cm Large: 19x19x11 cm
Weight Small: 300 gms. Large: 400 gms.
Material Wrought Iron
Color Golden
Finish Antique Black Golden
Utility Dhoop Incense Holder
Pack Content 1 Incense Holder Pot (Small) 1 Incense Holder Pot (Large) 2 Packets of Dhoop Incense Sticks.
Seller: ACR-034


Kamandalu or kamandal is a water pot with a handle, originating from the Indian subcontinent, made of a dry gourd (pumpkin) or coconut shell, Tumba fruit, metal, the wood of the Kamandalataru tree, or from clay. Generally, we can find it in many shapes and patterns which have their own logic and history. Inspired by one of the shapes of Kamndalu we designed this beautiful Diya Pot decorated with engraved floral art. We also provide a small Brass Oil Diya Lamp with this. It is useful for the puja room, a meditation room, festive decor, or gifting.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 9 in
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