• Aromatic Car Fresher Spray


    Material : Iris New Car Freshner spray
    Feature :Iris Aromatic oils for car spray which take you to the world of eternal bliss. This natural essence of Lavender mist relaxes your body,physically and emotionally giving you the peace of mind for a long drive.
    Variant : Lavender Mist
    Package content : 1 unit of car spray bottle
    Product size : 4*4*17 Ex : (L*W*H)

    Total: 250
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  • Lavender Room Mister Glass Spray (100 ml)


    Our room mist is just the right way to refresh the air in your room and create a calming atmosphere. Available in Lavender fragrance, it creates odour-free tranquil feel without too many efforts
    Lavender fragrance helps in Promotes good night?s sleep
    Uplifting mood Keeping anxiety levels down
    Giving a soothing effect to mind, body and soul
    This room mist can be used in kitchen, cupboards, shoe racks, bathroom, cars or office too
    Product content 100ml room mister

    Total: 375
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