– India’s one of leading & fast growing online shopping platform with more 12,000 items under 30+ categories is an online exclusive platform for Eco-friendly and sustainable Home, Office Improvement Items. ArtyCraftz is supporting Individual, Small & Medium Business Owners & manufacturers to sell their handicraft items without keeping or adding any listing or promotional charges to the sellers/vendors. is solving the major issues facing Indian manufacturers/sellers & vendors by providing marketing, and selling platform to across India and Global demanded supply.

The platform is focused as to be a Next-Gen eCommerce shopping experience provider as we are on implementing future-tech-enabled services to the customers. come-up with an idea of a No-physical Inventory or Digital Inventory Service (which owns No physical Inventory space/room) where sellers directly ship their products to the customers with ArtyCraftz Supply Chain & Logistics Assistant. The Platform adds zero listing and promotion charges in the way that they list and promote their seller products free of cost.

As end of 2023, we, ArtyCraftz tied-up with more than 1,000 individual sellers, 250+ small business owners, and 20+ medium-sized business owners and manufacturers to the platform. Every month more than 100 sellers are being helped through ArtyCraftz by sales, marketing and product design/customization. Our sellers/vendors are registered across India and most of them are from remote villages areas. We are solving these products pick-up problems through our smart-supply chain applications.

The goal of is to empower at least 10,000+ sellers and vendors by the end of the year 2024, listing more than 100,000+ items on our platform, and improving on faster delivery to the customers. We are also planning to upgrade our online platform by giving deals and offers to new and existing customers, rewards programs, the festival season offers, sending gift coupons/cards, spin-to-win deals, social commerce, reselling, and many.

All categories: Accessories, Candle, Garden Decor, Planter, Garden Umbrella, Stake, Bag, Hand Bag, Pouch, Potli, Home Decor, Key Holder, Showpiece, Candle Holder, Bathroom set, Vase, Idol, Fountain, Table Decor, Kitchen, Dinner Set, Cookware, Bowl, Bottle, Basket, Tray, Kettle, Cake Stand, Coaster, Napkin Holder, Chopping Board, Wall Decor, Wall Art, Wall Hanging, Wall Clock, Wall Mirror, Home Furnishing, Bed Sheet, Cushion Cover, Curtain, Laundry Basket, Lamp, Hanging Light, Table Lamp, Wall Light, Floor Lamp, Pooja Items, Diya, Furniture, Chair, Stool, Table, Pouffe, Jewellery, Earring, Neckwear

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