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Wall decor is an essential component of interior design, serving as a powerful means to express your personality and style while enhancing the aesthetics of your living space. Whether you prefer a minimalist, modern, or eclectic look, wall decor offers a myriad of options to transform your walls into captivating works of art.

Wall decor is an artful means of personal expression, offering a dynamic and flexible way to transform and elevate your living space. It allows you to infuse your home with personality and style, create captivating focal points, and evoke emotions. Your choice of wall decor can turn a house into a home, providing not just visual appeal, but also a sense of comfort and belonging.

Shop online for wall decor at cost-effective prices ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 10,000. Pick the most suitable wall decor pieces that complement the aesthetic look of your home. From bedroom to livingroom wall decorations, go through the endless options to bring home the most beautiful piece!

How to choose a wall decor?
Though there is no right way of deciding what decor item should go  with, our ArtyCraftz customer support team will help you out on where, some tips can help you select the right item.

Buy all new wall decor items online with peppy and trendy products to give a modern turn to your home or office decor styling.

When styling our home, office or restaurant interiors, we consider every tiny corner of the space. Styling one’s space takes a lot of planning and execution in the right direction. From mixing and matching the tones of the wall interiors to introducing greenery and contemporary art to your space, we ponder a lot about putting all the puzzle pieces together in the perfect wall decoration way possible. Wall decoration is one such idea that has taken over the current styling trends to amp up the primary walls of every room by giving them a personalized touch.

What are the wall decoration ideas for your home?

Home wall decor is a subjective and brilliant concept, and that’s the whole beauty of it. From hanging the most artistic paintings, wall clocks, wall arts, to the most delicate sculptures, the residents ultimately decide the fate of your beautiful walls. However, here are some aesthetic wall decor ideas for your home from ArtyCraftz.com

Wall decor for living rooms

Wall decoration items for living rooms should be colorful, vibrant, attractive, elegant, and eye-catching. It is the room where most of our social gatherings occur with friends and family, so the place should keep that looks inviting and comfortable to everyone at the same time. One may mix metal wall decor with wooden wall decor to give a modern, eye-catchy, yet subtle and antique vibe. Sabai Grass Wall plates are an excellent choice to add natural vibrations inside the home livingroom!

Wall decor for bedrooms

Decorative items for walls in the bedroom should emit a frequency of romance, love, calm, and serenity. The bedroom is where people are their rawest version, so that originality must be reflected in wall decorations. Wall paintings, Wall Art, or Metal Wall Decors are best suit fo bedrooms to get attached. You may also hang wall decor lights in the bedroom to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere on your bedrooms. Hang some sparkling colorful lamps and lanterns to enhance the tranquility of the your bedroom space.

Wall decor for kid’s rooms

It is essential to style our child’s room in such a way that encourages them to express their own creativity. One may use motivational wall frames for wall decoration to let them guard their memorable moments in an old-school way. The kid’s bedroom wall decor should emanate creatively and vibrant colors through kid-related wall accessories.

Wall decor for kitchens

Wood wall decor on the kitchen walls looks pretty amazing, especially when the overall furnishings are wooden. One could also create a vintage look using antique wall home decor items. A flower vase with the prettiest blooms on a macrame plant hanger will look delightful!

Wall decor for study rooms

The studying room space for our little ones or for ourselves should impart positivity, motivation, and a sense of fulfillment. You can pick a photo wall frame decor with motivational quotes as the images. You could also decorate the workspace using office wall decoration items like study rooms.

Appealing Wall Decors for your Home

What is the one thing that comes to mind when you see the bare walls but beautifully new-built house? Pleasant and Elegant wall décor of course. Moving into a new place entails immense amounts of stress but doing up right interior to your living space the way you want it, will pay off in the long run show. If you are worried about the sourcing of beautiful pieces of home décors for your home, we ArtyCraftz.com are here to help you out.

Now, we come to you with an irresistibly attractive range of wall décor items that will simply blow your home interior design.Redesign home wall décor online on ArtyCraftz.com

Most Popular Wall Decors on ArtyCraftz.com

Large Starburst Wall Clock-30 Inches ₹8,999
Wooden Kathakali Mask 15 Inches Fiberboard Pallet (Sticker with Wood) ₹780
Handcrafted Metal Wall Mirror for Gifting 32 Inches ₹6,999
Brass Sun Face Wall Hanging Home Decor Gifting 16 x 3 x 18 Cm ₹2,072
Metal Peacock Wall Art ₹7,020
Handcrafted Iron Cycle Wall Art ₹3,999
Iron Mirror Wall Mounted Crystal & Golden Round Hanging 24 Inches ₹5,999
Iron Bike with Clock Showpiece ₹1,799
Handcrafted Blue Floral in Yellow Sabai Grass Wall Plate 12 inches ₹580
Bastar Tribals and Birds Big Laman Diya Iron T Light Holder ₹3,999

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