Kadai, a staple of Indian and South Asian cuisine, is not just a cooking vessel; it’s a symbol of tradition, flavor, and versatility. Our Exquisite Kadai is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of these culinary traditions while delivering exceptional performance in your kitchen.

In ArtyCraftz we introduced variety of kadai which is available in the Online store, Kadai represent the tradition and culture for the cooking, for that we showcasing the different types of kadai like, Brass kadai, copper kadai, and Iron kadai, amazing quality and durable for long period, also introduced the copper kadai with the stand which is trending used as a traditional cooking style.

Brass kadai:

Cook all your favourite food like sabjis, gravies, sweets, snacks etc in the strong hand hammered Brass Kadai , this kadai is very sturdy and usable for longer time, The Brass kadai is also special for deep frying food. Brass kadai will enhances the taste of food cooked in it and it will provides  a unique flavour and aroma to the food, while cooking in the brass kadai.

Cooking in Brass kadai has been part of our culture since the longer period of time. Brass is well familiar to known  preserve the anti-oxidants of food cooked in the brass kadai. Brass kadai also helps in preserving more than 90% of nutrition of food cooked in the brass kadai. Brass retains the heat and keep food warm for the couple of hours. Also cooking in Brass kadai is good for health it intimates the traditional way of cooking which creates the time memorable while cooking on the brass kadai.

You can claim the health benefits by using brass kadai, an instrument used for preparing your favourite dishes. This is reason still traditional brass items are used in villages and many small towns, Brass material is widely known for dealing with pitta dosha, boosting the hemoglobin count, improving our skin health, and increasing other health benefits. Also, while cooking in the brass kadai the flavor and taste of the food items will be retained and also you may feel the differences, it is difficult to know about the best metal products before you buy and start using them. This is why, we, ArtyCraftz, have brought you several brass kadai  products from our collection along with the benefits of using the brass kadai.

Copper kadai:

Copper kadai has an trending sale over the market ,because it has a good structural advantages for the usage of copper kadai, for example, Copper thermal conductivity is some far higher than both stainless steel and the  cast iron, Eventhough , two other metals which is extremely popular on the cookware market. But why the copper kadai has the trending sale on market.

copper kadai generates better heat conductor, copper allows for the heat distribution which spread equally throughout the pan or pot, which will prevent certain areas from becoming hotter than the other kadai. This will helps to cook the food in tasty preference by the way of producing heat to equal supply and get the full potential out of the meal, as while making food lower chance to burn and stick to the cooking surface. The evenly-spread of heat has higher rate of conductivity to the copper cookware has better heat retention, which will actually consume you to use less gas or electricity and it will save energy while you cook any food in copper kadai. Additionally, this efficient conductor makes copper responsive to heat quickly and enables the temperature of the cookware to be carefully adjusted according to our facility ,it will be a perfect choice for the traditional cooking by the use of copper kadai.

Iron kadai:

Iron Kadai has been around for many centuries and continues to be a perfect choice for cooking any food and also for baking. It is durable,  also be a affordable and known for its ability to evenly distribute heat for the iron kadai, making it as a perfect choice for cooking with lot of advantages. In fact, iron material are  great option for both home cooking purpose and professional chefs usage because of its  high durability and convenience of cooking with advantage.

Iron is one of the long-lasting material for any usage. Because it has a sturdy  durable, iron kadai cookware items can last for many years if it has a proper maintenance. Unlike non-stick on the iron kadai, iron material do not have any  chemical coating. so don’t have to worry about coating which is on the iron kadai.

while evaluate on the Health, cooking in iron utensils is really good comparing to the other normal kadai. Because iron kadai cookware has the ability to release iron into your food in the process of cooking. any food which is cooked in iron kadai ,everyday that will be preventing iron deficiency also helps in balancing the hemoglobin level in the body. hence, iron kadai cookware is good to boost human health by producing the iron content on the food.

Iron kadai cookware can be considered a great choice for cooking different variety of dishes. Actually the food tastes is better when cooked in iron material kadai, comparing to the normal cookware or non-stick kadai. Because iron cookware will adds a distinct flavour to any food cooked in the iron kadai and also brings out an authentic taste of a traditional dish whatever you cooked in the iron kadai.

Iron kadai cookware  has the  superior heat conduction, for example,  it will heats evenly and quickly . This is due to the ability to absorb the heat, retain, and distribute the heat evenly. This helps to consider  that  the food is cooked properly and consistently.

Iron kadai cookware is very easy to clean and maintain by the simple steps. Iron kadai has non-stick surface that will be easily  clean with a  cloth or any sponge. Iron cookware is also formulating resistant to scratches, dents. etc,  This makes it a great choice for everyday use iron kadai will be a perfect choice of buying which have the several advantages to utilize the iron kadai.

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