Hand Made Folding Bamboo Fan




Handmade Bamboo Wooden Hand Fan from Tripura Artisan.

  • Play things for kids
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold for extended periods of time Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Best to keep cool at all times in the sum¬mer heat, add to your decor aesthetics and makes a beautiful, thoughtful gift.
  • Completely handmade and natural, this is bamboo handloom hand fan- a handicraft of the north-east of India.
  • Easily Non Breakable, Handle without Care. Care: Wipe clean with dry cloth, brush through the linear gaps. Store in a covered dry area

Since the size above is estimated by hand, the extent of the genuine thing you got could be marginally not the same as the size above! Item depiction Handmade woven bamboo silk round hand fan | Soft and tough handheld fan | Fashionable and appealing | Easy to convey This basic hand fan is solid and strong for every day utilize, and can likewise make a delightful home emphasize when shown It is produced using silk mix texture and genuine bamboo spines and handle | 100% Brand New and high caliber When collapsed it’s smaller and compact, and effectively hides in a handbag or sack | Great for cooling and form extra Thin, delicate and new with printing | Smooth opening and shutting Elegant advancement, smooth feel, best blessing | Excellent Gift Item


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