Brass Black Wine Set Decorative Showpiece Gift Item


Material Brass
Product Dimension 6 Inches
Set Contents Set of 1 Wine Set
Suitable for Home Decor and Gifting
Sold By ACP-050
SKU: NHB01160 Categories: ,


Antique look real and usable Wine set is made of pure Brass, decorated with fine colourful meenakari work. The Brass Black Wine Set Decorative Showpiece and Gift Item is an antique-looking, real, and usable wine set made of pure brass, decorated with fine colorful meenakari work. It is a decorative showpiece and a gift item. The set typically includes wine glasses, a surai (a traditional Indian wine vessel), and a plate, all made of brass and often handcrafted. These items are designed to add an elegant and vintage touch to home decor or can be used for decoration in restaurants and bars

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