DiffuserAromatherapy has been celebrated for centuries as a natural way to enhance our well-being and surroundings. At the heart of this practice lies the diffuser, a simple yet powerful device that disperses the enchanting scents of essential oils throughout your living space. Here’s why a diffuser is an indispensable addition to your home, offering numerous benefits for your physical and emotional health. A diffuser is a versatile tool that adds an array of benefits to your home. From promoting emotional well-being to enhancing air quality and sleep, it elevates your living space to a sanctuary of tranquility and health. By embracing the enchanting world of essential oils and aromatherapy, you can harness the magic of diffusers to create a more vibrant and harmonious environment in your home.

Lemongrass fragrances oil

Lemongrass fragrance oil is more and more popular essential oil derived from the lemongrass plant, it is natural product, scientifically known as Cymbopogon citratus. It’s valued for its refreshing and invigorating citrus scent with subtle earthy undertones for the entire place. Lemongrass fragrance oil is commonly used in aromatherapy, perfumery, and as an ingredient in various household products, etc.

The aroma of lemongrass fragrance oil has a bright, citrusy scent reminiscent of fresh lemon with herbal and grassy notes and natural element, eco-friendly. It is known for its uplifting and energizing aroma that can help promote feelings of positivity and mental clarity and pleasant feel in your home or office. It is a popular choice for all those seeking a natural and invigorating scent experience in their home. The lemon grass oil fresh, lemony, earthy, and sweet, its versatility and durability is almost unmatched in the scenting world. When diffused, Lemongrass takes on a fresh light scent with just a hint of lemon so it is a great oil to use in all types of scent blends to all the places, as it complements many different fragrances.

Grass reed stick

A grass reed diffuser is a decorative product for home fragrance device that typically consists of a container of fragranced liquid and reed sticks. For the quality made reed diffusers are more popular and durable, how you use or place your reed diffuser is key to how well it will perform in your place. From experience we’ve learnt that reed diffusers perform particularly well in small spaces such as halls and bathrooms giving you a nice subtle smelling room and make pleasant feeling. A good quality reed will last more than a month. It is commonly used in reed diffusers to disperse essential oils or fragrance oils into the air in our home, providing a continuous and subtle scent in our place.

The grass reed sticks are valued for their natural, environmental benefit and eco-friendly properties, making them a popular choice of all the people, for those who are seeking a sustainable and non-toxic alternative to synthetic diffuser reeds. They also add a decorative element to reed diffusers in your home, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the product while providing a pleasant feel and subtle scent experience.


Stoneware reed diffuser lavender fragrances


A stoneware reed diffuser with lavender fragrance is simple, durable, stylish and convenient. You can place the diffuser in any room of your home or office and enjoy the gentle scent of lavender as it fills the air. For best results, remember to periodically flip the reeds to refresh the scent and ensure continuous fragrance diffusion in the entire place you want.

The stoneware reed diffuser with lavender fragrance offers a beautiful, attractive and effective way to incorporate the calming aroma of lavender essential oil into your daily routine, helping you unwind, pleasant and relax after a long day.

IRIS reed diffuser

The chic packaging of Iris Lavender Reed Diffuser presents an excellent choice of gift and also uses our home. The front-open view of the box shows your loved ones the simple and delicate beauty of the ceramic pot and the reed sticks used together make pleasant appeal. Iris Lavender Fragrance is enticing for those who love a home to be Pleasanton one that radiates refinement and grandeur.

Reed Diffuser fragrance gift set fashioned from tall, stiff grasses that are porous and excellent for diffusion in all the places. When reeds are partially immersed in a can of essential oil, fragrance travels up the reeds and gently pleasant the room. An aromatic experience; no fire, no ash, easy clean and maintain.


The diffusers provide a versatile, durability and convenient method for dispersing fragrances, whether for creating a relaxing ambiance, pleasant feel, improving mood, or enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy. From ceramic and electric options to natural materials like terracotta or stoneware, diffusers come in various forms to suit individual preferences and needs for the entire home. Regardless of the type chosen, diffusers offer an easy-to-use and maintain solution for adding pleasant scents to homes, offices, or any indoor environment.

  • 40W Electrical Vaporizer Lamp, Beige, Cylindrical, Free Size

    Original price was: ₹2,499.Current price is: ₹1,200.

    Material : Iris Small electrical fragrance vaporizer
    Feature : Fragrance vaporizer is designed to fill the surrounding area with refreshing aromatic scent.unlike a candle based vaporizer, this is an elactrically controlled device. The electrical heating lamp also serves as an d?cor item,setting a relaxing mood with soothing and refreshing notes of aroma
    Variant : Electrical vaporizer
    Package content : unit of electrical vaporizer with 40 watt bulb

    Original price was: ₹2,499.Current price is: ₹1,200.
  • Aluminum Lemon Grass Fragrances Vaporizer Oil, 1 L Refill

    Original price was: ₹1,999.Current price is: ₹1,000.

    Net Quantity 1000 millilitre
    Colour Yellow
    Liquid Volume 1 Litres

    Original price was: ₹1,999.Current price is: ₹1,000.
  • Amogha Vaporizer Lemongrass Fragrance

    Original price was: ₹1,099.Current price is: ₹550.

    Give your home a scent of fresh air with fragrance vaporizer from iris. With its sleek design, it is sure to enhance the beauty of your home. Crafted from good quality material, it refreshes your mind, body and soul. Use this to accentuate your home decor. Available in lemongrass scent, it gives your home a fresh and rejuvenating feel .

    •   Refreshes your mind and body
    •   Its crisp aroma gives you energizing

    product content : one ceramic vaporizer,10ml oil ,4 tea lights ,fragrance type lemongrass

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    Original price was: ₹1,099.Current price is: ₹550.
  • Lemon Grass Reed Diffuser with Ceramic Pot

    Original price was: ₹699.Current price is: ₹426.
    Original price was: ₹699.Current price is: ₹426.
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