Brass Floor Oil Lamp Bird Figure Top Carving 4*4*12.8 Inches


Product Dimension 4*4*12.8 Inches
Product weight 1.31 Kg
Suitable for Pooja Items
Set Contents 1 Brass Diya
Sold By ACM-025
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Brass Floor Oil Lamp Bird Figure Top Carving 4*4*12.8 Inches

  • Introducing our Brass Floor Oil Lamp with Bird Figure Top Carving—a magnificent blend of traditional craftsmanship and functional elegance. This floor lamp stands at 4412.8 inches, showcasing a beautifully carved bird figure at the top, making it a striking piece of home decor that adds both warmth and sophistication to your living space.
  • The highlight of this Brass Floor Oil Lamp is the intricately carved bird figure adorning the top. The fine detailing captures the essence of avian grace, adding a touch of natural beauty to the lamp’s design.
  • Crafted from high-quality brass, this floor lamp is not only a testament to durability but also radiates a timeless aesthetic. The brass material ensures resistance to tarnish, maintaining a lustrous finish that enhances the overall visual appeal.
  • Beyond its artistic charm, this floor lamp serves a functional purpose. The lamp is designed to hold oil, providing a source of soft, ambient light that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.
  • Standing at 4412.8 inches, this floor lamp is perfectly sized for placement in various areas of your home. Whether positioned in a corner, near a seating arrangement, or as a standalone piece, it effortlessly becomes a focal point of interest.
  • The Brass Floor Oil Lamp with Bird Figure Top Carving complements a range of interior styles. Its classic design and elegant proportions make it a versatile addition to your living room, bedroom, or any space where you seek to infuse a touch of sophistication.
  • The brass construction ensures easy maintenance. Simply wipe the lamp with a soft cloth to keep it looking radiant and well-preserved.
  • Illuminate your living space with the charm of the Brass Floor Oil Lamp with Bird Figure Top Carving. Let the soft glow and artistic craftsmanship create a welcoming ambiance, turning your home into a haven of refined beauty and timeless style.

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