Brass Natraja Idol 11 inches

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Material Brass
Products Dimension 11 Inches
Weight  2.5kg
Set Contents  1 Natraja Idol
Suitable for Home Decor and Gifting
Sold By ACM-138
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The Nataraja idol is a symbolic representation of Lord Shiva in his cosmic dance form, known as the “Ananda Tandava” or “Dance of Bliss.” This dance symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation, preservation, and destruction. The Nataraja idol is often depicted with Lord Shiva dancing within a circle of flames, representing the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.

Brass is a common material used for crafting Hindu religious idols and artifacts due to its durability, affordability, and malleability.This Natraja idol meets your expectations in terms of quality and authenticity. Additionally, consider the symbolism and significance associated with the Nataraja form while choosing an idol for your spiritual or decorative purposes.


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