Multicolored Brass Inlay Radha Krishna with Arch 45 inches Idol


Material Brass
Colour Dark Multicolor
Product dimension Arch ( L x B x H) 45 inch x 30 inch x 10 inch, Radha Krishna ( L x B x H) 29 inch x 11 inch x 6.5 inch
Product Weight 69.7 Kg
Set Contains Radha Krishna with Arch
Sold By ACM-138


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Brass Radha Krishna with Arch 45 Inches idol

  1. Material: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, known for its golden appearance and resistance to corrosion. It is commonly used for crafting religious idols due to its luster and longevity.
  2. Design: The idol would likely showcase the divine couple, Radha and Krishna, in a harmonious and affectionate pose. Radha is considered the consort of Lord Krishna in Hindu mythology, symbolizing the embodiment of love and devotion. The intricate details of their clothing, jewelry, and facial expressions are often meticulously crafted.
  3. Arch or Canopy: The arch or canopy would surround the idol, providing a decorative frame. This arch could be intricately designed with patterns, floral motifs, or scenes from Hindu mythology. It adds a touch of elegance and reverence to the overall presentation.
  4. Size: The size of the idol can vary, ranging from small tabletop versions to larger, more elaborate pieces suitable for home altars or temple installations.
  5. Symbolism: The idol represents the divine love between Radha and Krishna, which is often considered a metaphor for the spiritual union between the devotee and the divine. The arch may symbolize the celestial realm or provide a sacred space for the deities.
  6. Finish: Brass idols are often given different finishes, such as polished, antique, or oxidized finishes, to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Some may also be adorned with enamel work or colored stones to add vibrancy.

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