Handcrafted Kondapalli Wooden Lady With A Rice Pounder


Material Wood
Product Dimensions
Color Multicolor
Item Weight 3000 GMS
Set Contains 1 Wooden Lady With A Rice Pounder
Sold by ACM-036


Wooden Lady with a Rice Pounder” likely refers to one of the traditional Kondapalli toys. In Kondapalli, artisans create intricate handcrafted wooden toys depicting various scenes from rural life, festivals, and everyday activities. The lady with a rice pounder would be a representation of a woman engaged in the traditional activity of pounding rice, reflecting the cultural and day-to-day aspects of life in rural India.

Kondapalli toys are typically made from softwood and decorated with vibrant colors, showcasing the skill and creativity of the artisans. They are popular as decorative items and collectibles, and each piece often carries a unique charm.


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