Handmade Dark Orange & Yellow Cotton Foldable Lantern

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Material Cotton
Product Dimensions 28 inches
Item Weight 500 gms
Number of Items 1 Cotton Lamp shade
Color Yellow and red
Sold by ACP-003
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Handmade Orange Cotton Foldable Fabric Lamp Shade

  • Introducing our Cloth Applique Free Hanging Decor Item, a stunning Festive Lantern in the traditional Jhoomar shape, designed with a 3-step silhouette. This handcrafted beauty hails from the vibrant region of Pipli, Odisha, where artisans have poured their skill and creativity into every stitch and detail. This Compressible lantern showcases a harmonious blend of Dark Orange and Yellow colors, making it a splendid and captivating addition to your festive decor.
  • Each lantern is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from Pipli, Odisha, where the tradition of cloth applique has been preserved for generations. This dedication to handcrafting ensures an exceptional level of quality and a unique touch that tells a story of rich cultural heritage..
  • The combination of Dark Orange and Yellow colors is not only visually striking but also evokes a sense of warmth, happiness, and positivity, perfect for festive occasions.

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