Beautiful Black Tray With Moroccan Multi-Coloured Pichwai Tray set


Material:  Enamel Coated Metal

Size: 8 inch & 10 inch

Easy to wash

Seller: AAlishan


  • These Trays Are Made Of Iron And Have A White Powder Coated Finish The Side Have An Intricate Design Etched On Them
  • The Base Of The Tray Has A Lovely Nature Inspired Tropical And Floral Print, Making This Tray Look Simply Gorgeous . There’s a Resin Epoxy Coating Finish On It.
  • The Set Of 2 Trays Inspired By Nature Adds A Dash Of Elegance To Your Serving.
  • These Set Of 2 Trays Makes Entertaining & Serving Look Elegant & Coordinated For Your Snacks And Beverages
  • As the product has been made by hand it may have slight irregularities in colour or shape that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process, hence makes the product unique.


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