Brass Copper Lotus Flower Petals Kamal Shape Metal Diya

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Product Dimension 3.8*3.8*1 Inches
Product Weight 0.11 Kg
Suitable for Pooja Items
Set Contents 1 Brass Diya
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Brass Copper Lotus Flower Petals Kamal Shape Metal Diya

  • Introducing our Brass Copper Lotus Flower Petals Kamal Shape Metal Diya, a beautiful fusion of traditional design and artistic elegance. This meticulously crafted diya, in the shape of a lotus flower, serves as both a decorative piece for your home decor and a functional oil lamp, symbolizing purity, divinity, and cultural richness.
  • The diya is intricately designed in the shape of lotus flower petals, symbolizing purity and enlightenment in Indian culture. The lotus design adds an aura of grace and spirituality to your living space.
  • Crafted from high-quality brass and copper, this diya showcases exceptional craftsmanship. The combination of brass and copper not only imparts a radiant golden and coppery hue but also ensures durability, promising a cherished decor piece for years to come.
  • This diya serves both as an exquisite piece of decor and a functional oil lamp. Fill it with oil or ghee, light it, and let the gentle, warm glow enhance the ambiance during your rituals, meditation, or special occasions.
  • Whether you place it in your puja room, meditation altar, or as an exquisite centerpiece on your dining table, this Brass Copper Lotus Flower Petals Kamal Shape Metal Diya complements your decor and enhances the sacred atmosphere in your home.
  • As a gift, this diya exudes thoughtfulness and sophistication. Whether you’re celebrating a housewarming, wedding, Diwali, or any other special occasion, this elegant diya will be a treasured present symbolizing spirituality and cultural heritage.

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