Fiber Buddha Face Wall Hanging for Home Decor and Gifting 3 Feet Black Color

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Colour Black
Material Resin
Cartoon Character  Buddha
Room Type  Living Room
Specific Uses For Product  Garden
Special Feature  handmade
Number of Pieces  1
Item Weight  5 Kilograms

Sold By:Sonal

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Fiber Buddha Face Wall Hanging for Home Decor and Gifting 3 Feet Black Color

  • Introducing our Fiber Buddha Face Wall Hanging, a captivating piece of art designed to enhance your home decor and serve as a meaningful gift. Measuring an impressive 3 feet and adorned in a sophisticated black color, this wall hanging brings tranquility and aesthetic charm to any space.
  • Immerse your space in tranquility with our Fiber Buddha Face Wall Hanging. The serene visage of Buddha, meticulously crafted in fiber, radiates a sense of calmness and spirituality, making it a perfect addition to your home decor.
  • Crafted from high-quality fiber material, this wall hanging not only captures the fine details of Buddha’s face but also ensures durability. The use of fiber adds a sleek and modern touch, making it a standout piece in any room.
  • Standing at 3 feet, this wall hanging becomes a prominent focal point in your home decor. The substantial size allows for easy visibility, making it a statement piece that adds depth and character to your living space.
  • The sophisticated black color adds an element of elegance to the Buddha Face Wall Hanging. Black is not only a versatile color that complements various decor styles but also symbolizes strength, power, and mystery.
  • Whether displayed in your living room, meditation space, or any area where you seek tranquility, this wall hanging effortlessly becomes a visual centerpiece, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your decor.
  • Create a spiritual ambiance in your home with the presence of Buddha. The Fiber Buddha Face Wall Hanging serves as a reminder of mindfulness and enlightenment, fostering a sense of peace and positivity in your living space.
  • The wall hanging is designed for easy installation. A secure mounting fixture ensures that you can effortlessly hang this piece on your wall, instantly transforming your space with its spiritual and artistic presence.
  • The Fiber Buddha Face Wall Hanging makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Whether for a housewarming, birthday, or any special occasion, it symbolizes spiritual connection and serves as a unique and appreciated present.
  • Beyond its decorative appeal, this wall hanging carries cultural and artistic significance. Guests and visitors will be captivated by the intricacies of the Buddha face, prompting discussions about spirituality and artistic expression.
  • Elevate your home decor with the spiritual essence of our Fiber Buddha Face Wall Hanging. This meticulously crafted piece is more than decor; it’s an embodiment of tranquility, artistry, and contemporary elegance. Order now to bring the serene allure of this exceptional 3-foot Buddha face into your living space or to gift it to someone special.

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