Handmade Brass Tribal Women Standing Statue Dhokra Art


Material Brass
Set Contents Set of 1 Showpiece
Suitable for Home Decor and Gifting
Care  Handle with Care
Sold By ACP-005


Dhokra is an ancient folk-art tradition prevailing in India. Dhokra craft objects are created through the method of non-ferrous metal casting using the lost-wax casting technique, that is one of the earliest and most advanced ways of metal casting known to human civilization.

Amazing Carving And Sculpting By Hand. Timeless Floral Motifs. Beautiful Stone That Gains Character Over Time.

Add to your room decor with this handcrafted arts piece. It will give an elegant look to your home decor. Attractive and eye catcher look with royal finish also for a better match with your interior decoration.

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