Urmi Fiesta Dinner Set of 34 Pieces (Brown Color)


Material Ceramic
Item Weight 5000 Grams
Number of Items 6 Dinner  Plate, 6 Side Plate, 6 Soup Bowl, 6 Katori, 6 Spoon, 2 9″ Bowl, 1 Rice Plate, 1 Curry Bowl
Suitable for: Dinnerware will serve all your needs starting from starters or appetisers to the main course or dinner.The serve ware are just perfect for dinner or lunch.
Care Do not put in Microwave, Hand Wash Only
Sold by ACR-070
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  • Most of the people prefer ceramic cookware because these utensils can be used for dry and wet cooking. Additionally, they are non-sticky and prevent the burning of food. After use, they can be cleaned easily. Ceramic has been in use for over millions of years and is found healthy l and safe for food.Safe for health
    Ceramic has been in use for over millions of years and is found healthy l and safe for food. It has been observed that ingredients that form ceramic are considered non-toxic.Heat friendly
    Ceramic dishes are heat friendly. You can cook food on the stove, microwave or oven. Unlike plastic, it can be heated without breaking and melting. This is because the material porcelain (supreme material of all the materials) which is present in the product is responsible for even distribution of heat to the gas chambers. But not all ceramics are heat resistant only some can bear the heat. So before buying, make sure the particular utensil is heat friendly.Non-sticky
    Ceramic crockery is proven to be non-sticky. They have a smooth glassy texture that helps clean the dishes easily. Whether you are preparing a dish on ceramic cookware or having a meal, the utensil is left with no spots. Moreover, they can be cleaned with much ease by just applying soap and water.
  • Thermal Resistant dinnerware: You can pour boiled/ cooked food directly into it without worrying about damage
  • Lightweight ceramic dinnerware set in an elegant design
  • Color: MULTICOLOUR, Material: Ceramic
  • Package Contents: Ceramic dinnerware set for convenient dining and everyday use

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