Rose Potpourri Mood Enhancer

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Material Dried Rose Petals
Product Dimensions 11 × 7 × 24.4 cm
Item Weight 140 gm pouch of potpourri
Number of Items 1 Potpourri pouch
Capacity 140 gms
Fragrance Rose
Suitable for
Bedroom/livingroom/conference room/Dining room
Sold by Iris


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Home Fragrance -Rose Potpourri – Floral Rose Scent – Fine-Living Fragrance -Natural Decoration – Mood Enhancer

  • This bright and vibrant gift is ready to blossom in a potpourri glass bowl. It’s a present that would suit any occasion and person. The standards of rich merits maintained by Iris Rose Potpourri makes it a safe and wonderful experience that should be shared with your favorite people.
  • This is a special blend of Jasmine, Amber, and Rose. The speciality of this aroma is its ability to influence emotion and energy. The hint of Jasmine helps in unwinding after a long, hectic day, while the warmth of Amber’s energy-balancing scent protects from negative influence, and the lilting scent of rose creates a sense of positive feelings in the person.
  • The warm and rich notes of fresh blooms always pull one into an exotic dreaminess of the soft amber. As the aroma, gently dusted with floral and alluring undertones of rose, captivates your mind, it also transforms into a fine spread of decorative confluence in a potpourri bowl.
  • Each petal, flower, and leaf in a Rose potpourri are selectively chosen from some of the richest gardens. They are dried and cultured to enhance its rustic beauty. The fragrant flavors confluence and spread in a glass bowl and can be freshened with two or three drops of Iris Essential Oils to maintain the rich feeling of the outdoors, at home.
  • While taking care of you at home, we are also committed to collecting and culturing the Rose potpourri confluence through environmentally sustainable methods. Overall, Iris, while keeping fine living alive is also planet-positive by empowering small-scale producers with fair, healthy, and safe working conditions.

Genuine elegance




The velvety notes of fresh blooms and other garden elements confluence and spread in a decorative potpourri bowl, and this is how you bring home an amber rose garden.






Charmed expression

Charmed expression

Give your favourite people a bouquet of the rich garden display, handpicked and cultured with alluring undertones of rose and other herbal fragrances.




A royal experience

A royal experience

The rich and warm aroma of Amber Rose transforms any room into a classic space of elegance and natural beauty.








The exotic floral arrangement in a potpourri bowl, with its warm and rich aroma, captivates and energizes the party.





Hallway Entrance

Hallway Entrance

Receive your guests with a warm embrace of amber – it calms and balances one’s energy making all feel welcomed and serene.





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