Red & White Rangoli Mats with t-light holder

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Red & White Artificial Flowers Tealight Holders Rangoli Mats for Home Decoration- 7 Pcs Red & White Rangoli Diwali Decoration Items for Home decor Diwali Lights for Decoration Decorative Gift Items

  • Introducing our Red & White Artificial Flowers Tealight Holders Rangoli Mats Set – a striking and elegant addition to your home decor, designed especially for Diwali. This set of 7 Rangoli Mats, adorned with artificial flowers and tealight holders, adds a festive touch to your surroundings. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a celebration of color and light.
  • The Rangoli Mats features a captivating blend of red and white, creating a visually appealing and festive color palette. The intricate design showcases traditional Rangoli patterns, infusing your home with the vibrant spirit of Diwali.
  • Each Rangoli Mat in this set is embellished with lifelike artificial flowers and tealight holders. This combination adds a touch of sophistication, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and warm candlelight to enhance your Diwali celebrations.
  • With 7 Rangoli Mats in the set, you have the flexibility to decorate multiple spaces in your home. Arrange them on tabletops, and floors, or create an eye-catching centerpiece, allowing you to curate a festive ambiance that captivates and delights.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, these Rangoli Mats can be arranged effortlessly to enhance your home decor. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, they instantly transform your space into a lively and inviting setting for the festival.
  • Specifically crafted for Diwali, these Rangoli Mats serve as perfect Diwali decoration items. The combination of artificial flowers and tealight holders elevates your festive lighting, making your Diwali celebrations even more memorable.
  • Surprise your loved ones with these decorative gift items that embody the essence of Diwali. Whether it’s for housewarmings, festive occasions, or as a thoughtful gesture, these Rangoli Mats make for a unique and memorable gift.
  • Crafted from high-quality materials, these Rangoli Mats are durable and reusable, ensuring that you can enjoy their beauty for multiple festive occasions. Store them carefully after the celebrations for use in the years to come.
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