Pure Brass Original Traditional South Fancy Kerela Samay Diya Oil Diwali Puja Lamp


Product Dimension: 2.8*2.8*6.5 Inches
Product Weight: 0.21 Kg
Suitable for: Pooja Items
Set Contents: 1 Brass Diya
Sold By: ACM-025
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Pure Brass Original Traditional South Fancy Kerela Samay Diya Oil Diwali Puja Lamp

  • Using a traditional Kerala Samay Diya lamp celebrates and preserves the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and South India.
  • Lighting this lamp is believed to bring prosperity, good fortune, and divine blessings into the home.
  • The act of lighting the lamp symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and purity over impurity, reinforcing the importance of righteousness in life.
  • The Diya lamp is often used in religious ceremonies and rituals, signifying a connection with the divine and a form of prayer.
  • The gentle glow of the lamp creates a serene and calm atmosphere, making it conducive for meditation, prayer, and inner reflection.
  • It is thought to attract positive energy and dispel negative forces, promoting harmony within the household.
  • Inaugurating and lighting the Diya lamp often involves family members working together, fostering unity and togetherness within the family.
  • The traditional belief is that the lamp’s light wards off evil spirits and negative energies, protecting the home and its inhabitants.
  • Following this tradition links the present with the past, connecting generations and honoring the customs and rituals of one’s ancestors.
  • The intricate design of a pure Brass Kerala Samay Diya lamp adds an element of elegance and traditional charm to your festive decorations.
  • Traditional oil lamps promote the use of natural resources, such as oil and cotton wicks, which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • The lighting of the Diya lamp is often accompanied by prayers, mantras, and devotional songs, allowing individuals to express their faith and devotion.
  • During Diwali and other festivals, lighting the Diya lamp represents the victory of good over evil and the triumph of light over darkness.
  • It serves as an opportunity to educate younger generations about the significance of cultural and spiritual traditions and pass down this knowledge to future heirs.

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