Multicolor Lotus Reusable Rangoli Tealights


Colour  Pink
Material  Wood
Product Dimensions 10L x 10W x 10H Centimeters
Finish Type ‎Polished
Item Weight ‎300 Grams
Number of Pieces  4
Theme ‎Wedding, Religious
Mounting Type ‎Tabletop
Manufacturer ‎ACR-062


Handmade Multicolour Lotus Decoration Reusable Rangoli Tealights for Puja Decor|Tealight Candle Holder|Lotus Diya for Pooja, Festival Decor|Lotus Deepam for Goddess Worship (Pink 4)

  • Elevate your Puja decor and festival celebrations with our Handmade Multicolour Lotus Decoration Reusable Rangoli Tealights. This set of four exquisite tealights, adorned in vibrant pink hues, serves as a unique and reusable addition to your home, perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere during Pooja, festivals, and Goddess Worship.
  • Each tealight is meticulously crafted with a handmade multicolour lotus design, symbolizing purity, divinity, and positive energy. The intricate detailing adds a touch of elegance to your Puja decor, creating a visually stunning centerpiece for your rituals.
  • The vibrant pink color palette brings a sense of joy, celebration, and devotion to your worship space. The combination of hues enhances the aesthetic appeal, making these tealights a perfect choice for Pooja, festivals, and Goddess Worship.
  • This set includes four reusable tealights, allowing you to create a harmonious and balanced display. Their reusable nature ensures that you can enjoy their beauty across multiple Pooja sessions, festivals, and special occasions.
  • Beyond Pooja and worship, these lotus tealights can be used as unique candle holders or as part of your festive decorations. Their versatility allows you to integrate them seamlessly into various settings, enhancing the visual appeal of your home.
  • Designed to hold standard tealight candles, these lotus tealights double as candle holders, providing a warm and soothing glow. Enjoy the serene ambiance created by the soft candlelight during your spiritual practices.
  • Enhance the festive spirit with these handmade lotus tealights, adding a touch of tradition and cultural richness to your celebrations. Their unique design makes them a thoughtful addition to your Diwali or other festive decorations.
  • Use these lotus tealights as symbolic offerings during Goddess Worship. The radiant pink color and lotus symbolism make them a fitting choice for expressing devotion and reverence.
  • The compact size of these tealights makes them easy to place, move, and rearrange as needed. Arrange them around your deity, on an altar, or create a decorative centerpiece for a visually appealing display.
  • Share the spiritual joy with loved ones by gifting this set of Handmade Multicolour Lotus Decoration Reusable Rangoli Tealights. Whether for a housewarming, a festival celebration, or as a token of goodwill, these tealights make for a thoughtful and culturally rich present.
  • Illuminate your sacred spaces with the radiant beauty of our Handmade Multicolour Lotus Decoration Reusable Rangoli Tealights. Embrace tradition, positivity, and elegance during your Puja rituals, festivals, and spiritual practices with these unique and reusable tealights.

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