Handcrafted Jute Storage Basket/Laundry Baskets Beige Color


Material  Jute
Products Dimension 15 *15 cm,20*20 Cm,25*25cm,30*30 Cm
Set Contents Set of 4 Basket
Suitable for Home Decor and Gifting
Care Handle with Care
Sold By ACP-001


Handcrafted Jute Floral Accessorize your home with natural jute baskets It doesn’t matter if you are looking to add accessories to a big or small room in your home. The little pieces you place around your room can really help brighten up a room and add a positive vibe to your setting. Jute was one of the most underrated materials earlier.

  • But today, in a world where everyone is more conscious about the environment, jute has made its place in the world of home furnishings and decor. One of our favorite ways of experimenting with this versatile fiber has been creating jute planters or you can also call them jute baskets for our collection.
  • The reason we refer to them as jute planters or jute baskets is because this beautifully designed product doesn’t have only one use. Do you look at your child’s room and wonder how much stuff can they possibly accumulate? While you may be tempted to chuck it all out, storing them in the jute baskets could be just what you need. These beautiful baskets are excellent for storage purposes.’
  • They help keep the clutter out of sight and look so pretty in the corner. Get your kids to help choose and go for jute baskets online to match stuff in their room. Now, don?t you think that the easiest way to bring nature into any room is through a well-designed modern planter or pot. Adding a touch of greenery to any room can really lift the space.
  • There are decent looking flower pots in the market, but our recommendation is that you consider these jute planters to give your room a new dimension. These come in different colours paired, pattern, size with natural jute. If you are partial to yellow, you will love the Yellow Tau Baskets. For a little natural with glitter, have a look at the Akira Basket of Gold and Silver.
  • We have other color combinations as well, so check the jute baskets online section for sure. These jute baskets are the ideal solution to your organising woes. This planter will highlight any  set of 3 pieces.

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