Handcrafted Brass Nazhi /Measuring Cup


Product Dimensions Weight – 180grams,
Top Dia – 3.25 inches,
Bottom dia – 3.5 inches,
Total height – 2.3 inches
Set Contents 1 Brass Nazhi
Suitable for Accessories
Sold By ACM-076


Nazhi · Kerala traditional Nirapara, Para Set Wooden, Traditional measuring unit of South India Nazhi, Para & Chengazhi.

Nazi is the smallest measuring instrument for rice cultivated during paddy in olden days. At present days all are used as decorative showpieces which is kept as a reminder of the rich old tradition and a symbol of prosperity.

it is also very easy to maintain with the help of Dara lotion or pitambari powder or turmeric. Handcrafted Brass Nazi for Accessories.


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