Handmade Brass Oil Lamp Kuber Deepak Home Decor Gifting


Product Dimension 2.5*2*0.9 Inches
Product weight 0.055 Kg
Suitable for Pooja Items
Set Contents 1 Brass Diya
Sold By ACM-025
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Handmade Brass Oil Lamp Kuber Deepak Home Decor Gifting

  • Introducing our Handmade Brass Oil Lamp Kuber Deepak—a magnificent blend of traditional craftsmanship and divine symbolism. This meticulously crafted oil lamp not only serves as an exquisite piece of home decor but also holds deep spiritual significance. It makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift, symbolizing prosperity and auspicious blessings.
  • The Handmade Brass Oil Lamp Kuber Deepak is a product of skilled artisans who have carefully crafted each detail. From the intricate engravings to the overall design, this lamp is a testament to the rich tradition of handmade craftsmanship.
  • The lamp is adorned with the divine symbol of Kuber, the Hindu god of wealth and prosperity. This inclusion adds a spiritual touch to the lamp, making it not just a decorative item but also a symbol of auspicious beginnings and financial well-being.
  • Premium Brass Construction: Crafted from high-quality brass, this oil lamp exudes elegance and durability. The brass material is chosen for its ability to resist tarnish, ensuring that the lamp maintains its radiant sheen over time.
  • The Handmade Brass Oil Lamp is designed for functional use. Fill it with your preferred aromatic oils, and let the soft glow illuminate your space, creating a tranquil ambiance that encourages reflection and serenity.
  • Whether displayed in your living room, prayer room, or any other sacred space, this oil lamp enhances the aesthetics of your home. Its timeless design and divine symbolism make it a fitting addition to various interior styles.
  • Perfect for special occasions, festivals, or housewarming ceremonies, the Handmade Brass Oil Lamp Kuber Deepak is a thoughtful and meaningful gift. It symbolizes not only the giver’s appreciation for tradition but also wishes for prosperity and well-being.
  • The brass construction simplifies maintenance. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth will preserve the lamp’s shine, ensuring it remains a radiant piece of decor.
  • Illuminate your living space with the divine charm of the Handmade Brass Oil Lamp Kuber Deepak. Let it serve as a beacon of prosperity, adding both aesthetic beauty and spiritual significance to your home or making it a cherished gift that conveys blessings and positive energy.

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