Brass Wood Panch Aarti Diya With Handle Diya Stand,Dhoop Dani for Pooja 7*1.5*1.4 Inches

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Products Dimension: 7*1.5*1.4 Inches
Weight: 0.05 Kg
Set Contents: 1 Brass Diya
Suitable for: Pooja Items
Sold By: ACM-025
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Brass Wood Panch Aarti Diya With Handle Diya Stand,Dhoop Dani for Pooja 7*1.5*1.4 Inches

  • Introducing our Brass Wood Panch Aarti Diya with Handle Diya Stand and Dhoop Dani for Pooja, a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetics and functionality. This intricately crafted piece is designed to enhance your spiritual rituals, bringing an air of grace and reverence to your pooja space. Measuring 71.51.4 inches, it is perfectly sized to complement your sacred practices.
  • Immerse yourself in the sacred essence of the Panch Aarti Diya design, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness. The five branches of the diya radiate a warm glow, creating a serene atmosphere during your pooja.
  • The diya stands on a wooden base, adding a touch of natural elegance. Brass accents complement the wood, creating a visually appealing contrast that enhances the overall aesthetic of the diya.
  • The diya features a sturdy handle, making it easy to carry and maneuver during your pooja rituals. The handle adds a practical touch, allowing you to lift and position the diya effortlessly.
  • The diya comes with a complementary diya stand, providing a stable and secure base for your pooja essentials. The stand ensures that the diya remains steady, allowing you to focus on your spiritual practices.
  • Accompanying the diya is a Dhoop Dani, providing a dedicated space for burning incense during your pooja. The aroma adds an extra layer of sanctity to your rituals, creating a holistic and immersive experience.
  • Measuring 71.51.4 inches, this diya is thoughtfully sized for your pooja space. It strikes a balance between being compact and making a statement, making it a versatile addition to your spiritual rituals.
  • Perfect for various pooja ceremonies, festivals, and daily rituals. Whether performing Aarti or lighting Dhoop, this Brass Wood Panch Aarti Diya adds a sacred touch to your spiritual journey.
  • The diya’s design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The wooden base and brass components can be gently wiped to preserve their natural shine and beauty.
  • Elevate your pooja experience with the Brass Wood Panch Aarti Diya with Handle, Diya Stand, and Dhoop Dani. Embrace the divine aura created by the warm glow of this intricately designed diya, adding an element of serenity and tradition to your sacred space.

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