Brass Golden Kachua Kuber Diya/Tortoise Design Deepak/Oil Lamp Diya for Home Office Mandir Diwali Pooja Room

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Products Dimension: 2.4*2.1*2 Inches
Weight: 0.095 Kg
Set Contents: 1 Brass Diya
Suitable for: Pooja Items
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Brass Golden kachuaKachua Kuber Diya/Tortoise Design Deepak/Oil Lamp Diya for Home Office Mandir Diwali Pooja Room

  • Introducing our Brass Golden Kachua Kuber Diya – a harmonious blend of traditional design and spiritual significance, crafted to bring radiance to your home, office, or mandir during Diwali and daily pooja ceremonies. This exquisitely designed oil lamp diya features a Tortoise (Kachua) motif and Kuber design, symbolizing prosperity and divine blessings.
  • Embrace the opulence of our Brass Golden Kachua Kuber Diya, adorned with intricate detailing of the Tortoise and Kuber motifs. The golden hue adds a touch of elegance, creating a visually stunning piece for your Diwali pooja or daily rituals.
  • Ideal for home, office, or mandir use, this diya is designed for various occasions, bringing warmth and spirituality to your surroundings. The unique Tortoise and Kuber design signifies wealth, prosperity, and divine blessings.
  • The diya is crafted for practicality, featuring an oil-holding cavity and multiple wicks. The flickering flames on this oil lamp diya create a serene ambiance, perfect for meditation, pooja, or enhancing the festive spirit during Diwali.
  • Measuring [insert dimensions here], this diya is compact enough to fit seamlessly into your pooja room, mandir, or any designated spiritual space. Its versatile size makes it easy to incorporate into your daily rituals.
  • Crafted from premium brass, this diya is not only visually appealing but also durable. Brass is known for its corrosion resistance and long-lasting shine, ensuring that this diya becomes a timeless addition to your spiritual collection.
  • Elevate your Diwali celebrations with the Brass Golden Kachua Kuber Diya, a symbol of auspicious beginnings and prosperity. Its radiant glow and intricate design make it a centerpiece for your Diwali pooja setup.
  • Share the blessings of prosperity and divine energy by gifting this beautifully crafted diya to your loved ones. Its unique design and spiritual symbolism make it a thoughtful and meaningful present for Diwali or special occasions.
  • The smooth surface of the Brass Golden Kachua Kuber Diya allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. A gentle wipe with a soft cloth will preserve its shine, ensuring it remains a cherished item in your spiritual space.
  • Illuminate your sacred moments with the Brass Golden Kachua Kuber Diya – a symbol of prosperity and divine blessings. Whether for festive celebrations or daily rituals, let the radiant glow of this exquisite diya enhance the spiritual ambiance of your home, office, or mandir.

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