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Decorative Tealight Holder Festive Diya, Diyas for puja, New Year Gift Wax lamp Pooja Festival – Set of 11 Pcs- Dhipam/Dheepam for Deepwali/Durga/Goddess Worship |Diyas for puja |

  • Introducing our exquisite set of 11 Decorative Tealight Holders, a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary design to enhance your festive celebrations. Whether you’re preparing for Diwali, New Year’s festivities, or any auspicious occasion, these diyas are crafted to add a touch of elegance and spiritual ambiance to your puja and worship rituals.
  • Each Decorative Tealight Holder in this set is meticulously crafted with intricate details, showcasing a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The thoughtful design enhances the visual appeal, making them a perfect addition to your puja room or festive decor.
  • This set includes 11 beautifully designed diyas, allowing you to create a mesmerizing arrangement during your worship ceremonies. The abundance of diyas symbolizes prosperity, bringing positive energy and light into your home.
  • Designed to accommodate tealight candles, these holders offer a convenient and safe way to illuminate your worship space. The gentle glow from the tealights adds a serene and spiritual atmosphere to your puja, creating a sense of tranquility.
  • These diyas are not only ideal for Diwali but are also suitable for various festivals, pujas, and New Year celebrations. Embrace the cultural richness and spirituality by incorporating these tealight holders into your worship rituals.
  • Surprise your loved ones with a meaningful and auspicious gift. This set of decorative diyas makes for a thoughtful New Year gift, symbolizing the ushering in of positivity and light for the upcoming year.
  • Elevate your Goddess worship and deepa aradhana with these Diyas. The set is perfect for rituals dedicated to Goddess Durga or any deity, enhancing the sacredness of your spiritual practices.
  • Crafted from high-quality materials, these tealight holders are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Enjoy the longevity of these decorative pieces as they become an integral part of your festive traditions.
  • Celebrate the essence of tradition and spirituality with our set of 11 Decorative Tealight Holders. Illuminate your home with the gentle glow of positivity and make your worship ceremonies truly special. Embrace the divine aura and festive spirit with these exquisite diyas crafted for moments of joy and reverence.

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