Bronze Panchaloha Ram Darbar Murti 26 cms


Material Bronze
Product Dimensions Length:26cm, Width:10cm, Depth:10cm
Item Weight 4.7 K.G
Number of Items 1 Ram Darbar Murtis
Colour Brown
Sold by Bhunes




Bronze Panchaloha Ram Darbar Murti” specifically indicates that the idol is crafted from the Panchaloha alloy, with the inclusion of bronze as one of the metals. Bronze, a combination of copper and tin, is known for its durability, versatility, and ability to capture intricate details in artistic creations. The use of this alloy, along with the traditional craftsmanship, enhances the aesthetic appeal and cultural significance of the Ram Darbar idol.

these idols are skillfully crafted by artisans using traditional methods such as the lost-wax casting technique. The finished product often exhibits a lustrous finish, intricate detailing of facial expressions and ornaments, and a sense of divine grace. Devotees may use such murtis for worship, meditation, or as decorative items in their homes, considering them sacred representations of their faith and spirituality.


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