4 Steps Pot Big Fiber Fountain

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Material Resin
Weight  10 Kgs
Special Feature Lighted
Item Dimensions LxWxH 122 x 60 x 60 Centimeters
Power Source Corded Electric

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4 Steps Pot Big Fiber Fountain

The fountain flows from top to bottom, which sounds like a real waterfall, adding a peaceful ambiance to your home or garden. Water pots create a soothing, relaxing sound; the fountain is suitable for outdoor and indoor.
We strive to make every experience with our company and our products a positive one. Making each piece stylish and elegant with a reflection of class and culture.

Bring both rustic style and the soothing sound of flowing water to your indoor and outdoor spaces with this stoneware finish floor fountain. Water flows from a jug at the top of the pedestal and down through two more jars before ending in an urn at the base. Three LED clusters glow from within the jar and urn to add another layer of visual interest. The fountain is constructed of lightweight poly-resin, which makes it easy to place indoors or out. A convenient power cord and pump are included; simply add water, plug in and enjoy! Add nighttime illumination and the soothing sounds of water with this LED indoor/outdoor fountain that features four tiers of urns. The lights are bright so it shine really nice in night. The cascading water can be heard from quite a distance too. The cascading basins create a soothing, relaxing sound, and the fountain works both outdoors and indoors. LED lights draw attention to the relaxing water pools day or night Never Operate the pump when it’s not fully submersed in water as this could cause it to burn out. Please screw the plastic collar over the wire tightly to prevent water seepage. Always isolate the electrical supply to the pump before cleaning or making any adjustments to the flow rate. It is recommended to run the pump for 8 hours a day to protect the motor part. Clean and top-up the water on a regular basis.

To empty the fountain of water for cleaning or for winter care: Smaller fountains (that are light enough to be lifted) – water can be emptied by simply inverting the fountain and letting the water pour away through a suitable drain or sink. Large (heavier) fountains – water can be removed by using a large sponge or by purchasing a simple syphon pipe available from aquatic supply stores. Always isolate the power before cleaning the fountain or pum

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  1. Vibhuti

    to good for my front door. Sound gives me relaxing

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