Flower Design 2 feet Rangoli Mat

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Material:  Woolen and Canvas
Dimension:  2*2 feet
Color  Multicolor
Set Contents:  Set of 1 Mat
 Do not wash just vaccum Clean. Avoid Sunshine as it may lighten the color of the mat. For longer shelf life avoid damping the mat
Care  Dry clean only

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Flower Design 2 feet Rangoli Mat

  • Introducing our Flower Design 2 feet Rangoli Mat – a mesmerizing piece of art that effortlessly combines tradition with contemporary elegance. This intricately crafted rangoli mat serves as a stunning focal point for your home decor, adding a touch of beauty and cultural richness to your space.
  • This Rangoli Floor Mat can be used for Home, Kitchen, Bathroon, Dining room, Room, Hall, Office, Car, etc.
  • Immerse your living space in the delicate beauty of our Flower Design 2 feet Rangoli Mat. The intricate floral pattern showcases a harmonious blend of traditional rangoli motifs with contemporary design elements, creating a captivating visual appeal.
  • With a generous size of 2 feet, this rangoli mat makes a bold statement in any room. The larger dimensions ensure that it becomes a standout piece, effortlessly transforming your space and drawing attention to its exquisite design.
  • Crafted from premium materials, the rangoli mat is not only visually appealing but also durable. The high-quality construction ensures longevity, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of this decorative piece for various occasions and celebrations.
  • Whether displayed in your living room, entryway, or as a centerpiece for special occasions, this Flower Design Rangoli Mat seamlessly complements different spaces. Its versatile nature allows you to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any room with ease.
  • Designed for convenience, the rangoli mat is easy to clean and maintain. The materials used resist dust and stains, ensuring that your decorative piece retains its vibrant allure with minimal effort.
  • Rangoli is a traditional art form that holds cultural significance, symbolizing good luck and prosperity. Incorporating this Flower Design Rangoli Mat into your home decor allows you to embrace and celebrate the rich cultural heritage associated with rangoli art.
  • Whether it’s a festival, family gathering, or any special occasion, this Flower Design Rangoli Mat adds a touch of grace and charm. Elevate the ambiance of your celebrations with the symbolic beauty of rangoli.
  • Immerse your home in the timeless charm of our Flower Design 2 feet Rangoli Mat. Let the intricate floral patterns and vibrant colors create an inviting atmosphere that reflects the beauty of traditional Indian art. Make a statement in your home decor and celebrate special moments with this exquisite and culturally rich piece.

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