Handmade Papier Mache Kathakali Mask

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Kathakali masks are hand-crafted from papier mache and are unique pieces of artThe process of making a Kathakali mask is a long process that requires patience, precision, and an understanding of the art form.

These are handmade light and lively mask showcases. There might be a slight difference in color due to differences in lighting conditions.

This unique wall hanging gives the aura a classical touch. It reminds me of one of the most famous forms of art. It inspires creativity and a connection with the fine arts.

The wall hanging is long-lasting and can be easily cleaned with a cloth. It does not require high maintenance

Explore the collection of famous Kerala crafts. Handcrafted by the skilled people of Kerala. This collection includes wall-hanging kathakali masks, tableware from ArtyCraftz

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