Handcraved Wooden Elephant Stool


Material Wood
Colour Brown
Product dimension 6*7 Inches
Product Weight 2000 gms
Set Contains 1 Elephant Head Stool
Sold By Athmadev


Handcraved Wooden Elephant Stool crafted from wood, and their design typically features the distinctive characteristics of an elephant, such as its trunk, ears, and tusks.

These decorative and functional pieces can be used for various purposes, including seating, as a small side table, or as an artistic element in home decor. The level of detail and craftsmanship can vary, with some wooden elephant stools being intricately carved and painted, while others may have a simpler and more minimalist design.

Handcraved Wooden Elephant Stool can be a charming addition to spaces with eclectic or nature-inspired decor themes.

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