Garden Watering Can for Plants for Garden Decor


Dimension 10.92 x 10.92 x 11.94 cm
Weight  200 Grams
Suitable for Garden Decor
Set Contents 1 Garden Watering Can
Care Handle with Care


Introducing a little watering cans in yellow color for gardening purposes in your home. Compact in size and minimal in design, this watering can could also be used by kids if they have a newly found interest in gardening. Strong metal body which makes it break-free and durable long lasting. Ideal for waterning shrubs and indoor plants. we take utmost care of the quality and style of the product, and make sure that it goes through several quality checks prior to shipment.

Size related refund/return claims wont be accepted, So please refer images before buying the product. And in other cases the product should be sent back to the supplier in the exact same packaging as was originally shipped / Products

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