Indoor hydroponic Planter



Products Dimension 7 L*2.5W*7 H Inches
Set Contents 1 Planter
Suittable for Home Decor and Gifting
Care Handle with Care
Sold BY I Tree


Sustainme Desktop Garden – Levitating Test Tube  Hydroponic Planter With Bird Nest.

Hydroponic Plant Vases Vintage Flower Pot Transparent Vase Wooden Frame Glass Tabletop Plants Home.

Luxurious home decor-Looks great on work desk, study table, table top. Low maintenance- Just change the water once a week or in 10 days. Tilt the glass flask to change the water.

Made of handcrafted wooden stand with natural grains and consists of 1 glass vase with enough space for the roots to grow.

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