Floor Lampshade Hand Painted Large Leather Lamp Shade Indian Lampshade in Octagonal Shade 5 Inches


Leather Lamp Shade for Home Decor and Gifting and Party
Material: Leather
Color: Yellow Color
Product Dimensions :5 Inches
Set Contents:Set of 1 Lamp Shade
Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting
Care:Keep away from fire, moisture and water
Sold By:ACR-028

Kindly Note: Only prepaid order will be processed. No COD available on this product

The lampshade also serves as a beautiful piece of art in your home ,Designs are drawn on the shade using pencil and then black colour. Different colours of vegetable dyes are filled into the designs.Tiny perforations are made on the shade in a decorative pattern through which golden coloured light sparkles.

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