Dual Tone Plant Pot Set


Dual Tone Plant Pot Set, Set of 2 | Indoor Outdoor Planter with Stand | Modern Metal Planter

Products Dimension  68 x 32.41 x 27.2 cm
Weight 3980 Grams
Suitable for Home Decor
Set Contents 2 lant Pot Set
Care Handle with Care
Sold By ecofynd


This size is perfect to put in your hanging macram?, suitable for planting most small and medium-sized home/office plants like orchid, snake plant, mint, parlor palm, herbs, devil?s ivy, cactus, aloe, to brighten up your living place.

  • Sturdy metal planter
  • 2 stands for stability
  • Modern design with a curve for pot
  • Classic colour combination of black and grey
  • Suitable for heavy plants.

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