Brass Lotus Shaped Chowki Shinghashan

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Material Brass
Product Dimensions
Length:26cm, Width:16cm, Depth:16cm
Item Weight 2.9 Kilograms
Number of Items
1 Brass stand , Chowki With Prabhawali
Power Sourced NIl
Colour Gold
Suitable for
Indoor/Gifting/ wall hanging / Home Decor
Shape Lotus
Sold by AC-033

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Bhunes Brass Lotus Shaped Chowki Shinghashan Peetha with Prabhavali for God Peeta Peetalu Peetham Bajot for Temple, Pooja Mandir Prabhawali Stand

Bhunes Brass Lotus Shaped Chowki Shinghashan Peetha with Prabhavali is a sacred and ornate platform or seat used for placing deities or sacred objects during worship in Hindu temples or home shrines. This particular chowki, or peetha, is made of brass and is crafted in the shape of a lotus, which symbolizes purity and divinity in Hinduism. The intricate design and detailing on the chowki, including the lotus petals, add to its aesthetic appeal and religious significance.

The peetha features a prabhavali, which is a decorative arch-like structure typically placed behind the deity’s idol or image. The prabhavali is intricately designed and may have intricate carvings or engravings, enhancing the grandeur and sacredness of the divine presence. It serves as a backdrop to the deity and adds a sense of reverence to the worship space.



The durable brass is equipped with constituents that make it highly advantageous. From being resistant to the high temperature to possessing unwavering shine the metal is genuine.





The brass metal is easy to maintain and long-lasting but avoid using any harsh chemicals on it.






The sculpture will add a distinctive touch to your interior. It will offer visual appeal and is a perfect gift option to earn adulations from your beloveds.






Peeta Peetalu Peetham Bajot refers to a pedestal or platform made of peetalu, which is the term used for brass in some Indian languages. It is specifically designed for religious or ceremonial purposes and is commonly used as a base for placing idols or deities during worship. The bajot, also known as a peetham, is usually made of brass and may have decorative engravings or carvings. It provides a stable and elevated surface for performing rituals and offering prayers.

Sinhasan with Frame Prabhaval is a majestic and elaborate seat or throne for the deity. It resembles a royal chair or throne and is designed to provide a regal appearance to the deity during worship. The sinhasan is typically adorned with a decorative frame or backrest, adding to its grandeur and symbolic significance. The prabhaval mentioned here could refer to an ornate decorative element on the frame of the sinhasan, further enhancing its visual appeal and sanctity.


Pooja Mandir Prabhawali Stand is a stand or support structure designed for a pooja mandir, which is a dedicated shrine or altar used for performing religious rituals and prayers. The prabhawali stand is specifically meant to hold the prabhavali, which is the decorative arch-like structure placed behind the deity’s idol or image in the pooja mandir. It ensures stability and showcases the prabhavali in an aesthetically pleasing manner, creating a visually striking focal point for the worship space.

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