14 Inch Round Pyramid Wooden Table Lamp In Wood


Suitable for:Table Decor
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACM-071

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Crafted with style, this lamp will speak volumes about your taste of interior decoration. High on efficiency and modish in looks, this eco-friendly table lamp will fill your room with a warmth glow. With its simple yet elegant design, this lamp is a brilliant lighting option to give a sophisticated touch to your table space. This unique round pyramid shaped table lamp has been artistically handcrafted in sheesham wood. The base has natural brown colour and the cream shade contrasting giving it a sheen appearance. The base has a velvet pasted at the bottom. The round shape of the lamp has elongated supporting the shade. ART TYPE: Ethnic Art. Lamp Wire & Plug specifications : 1. Wire Style : Single Conductor Wire, 2. Plug Type : 2 pin round Indian standard plugs (Type c), 3. Bulb Type : BC/ B22 type bulb, 4. Voltage : Voltage for lamp is 220 V. It is beautiful and can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or those who like to have a collection of exclusive lamps. Dimensions :- (H * Dia) = (14 * 5) Inch

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