Bronze  10 Inches Cooking Uruli for Kitchen


Product Dimension  10 Inches
Product Weight 2700 Grams
Suitable for  Kitchen Accessories
Set Contents 1 Bronze Cooking Uruli
Care Handle with Care
Sold By  ACM-076

Can cook a variety of food items like vegetables, different types of meats ,Biriyani, Pickles, Sweets like payasam, halwa and more.

Since the Uruli is made with appreciable thickness. the food will not get stuck to the bottom.

Retains heat longer and consumes less oil.

Can be used in modern stove. Heating efficiency of this urli is very high and it is having high retention of heat so that even after we have turned off the stove ; the food prepared retains its heat for a long time. Uruli being a porous material ; allows heat and moisture circulate evenly This helps in cooking vegetables and meat evenly. Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food juicer ; tender and fresher. Uruli consumes little oil as compared to any other cookware.

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