Borosilicate Glass Aarti Pooja Thali

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Material Borosilicate Glass
Product Dimensions
Color Multicolor
Item Weight 1.5 KGs
Set Contains 1 Pooja Thali
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Discover the exquisite beauty and profound significance of glass pooja thalis in this captivating article. The art of worship is a sacred practice that has been woven into the fabric of human civilization for centuries. While various elements contribute to the spiritual experience, the pooja thali holds a special place of honor. Traditionally made from metal, these ceremonial plates are an integral part of Hindu rituals and serve as a vessel to offer prayers and offerings to deities. However, there is a fascinating twist to this ancient tradition – the emergence of glass pooja thalis. Crafted with precision and elegance, these translucent marvels are revolutionizing the art of worship. Glass pooja thalis not only showcase exceptional craftsmanship but also infuse an aura of divine beauty to the entire ritual. The delicate nature of glass adds a touch of elegance, casting a mesmerizing glow when adorned with flowers, diyas, and other sacred items. Additionally, their transparent nature symbolizes purity, enabling devotees to connect with the divine in a more profound and intimate way. Join us as we delve into the world of glass pooja thalis, exploring their intricate designs, symbolic significance, and how they have become a cherished part of religious ceremonies worldwide. Lean back, immerse yourself in the enchanting teachings, and embark on a spiritual journey like no other.

An Ideal Gift for any Ocassion. Beautiful Aarti Set contains
1) Aarti Dish – 6″diameter
2) Haldi Kumkum set of 2 pcs
3) Glass Bell
4) Glass Diya
5) Incense stick holder
6) Attardani or Perfume bottle.

Total 7 items beautifully packed in Thermocol Groove box with box . Ideal Gift for any Occassion.



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