Eco-Friendly Wooden Baby Rattles

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Used Ivory wood to make these Rattles and not use any kind of artificial material or chemical.
These materials have undergone many processes so that their durability increases.
There is no harm with these materials to babies or even to infants


Vegetable dyes are used in the coloring process to ensure that the toys and dolls are safe for use by children

These toys are handcrafted with wooden material by skilled labor of Channapatna

These rattles have a very long process and select the right material to carve.
And these are handcrafted by professional artisans from Channapatna.
Rattles don’t have any sharp edges hence safe for babies.

Rattles are naturally designed to get sound without any device

Rattles have a very natural sound and there is no any other material used to create sound other than wood.
Different rattle has their own unique loud sound so that you can keep your child busy listening to and grasping music.

  • Eco-friendly Wooden Hand made toys manufactured in India
  • Material: Treated and carved the Soft Ivory wood called as Alada Mara in Kannada
  • Color: Coated with lacquer which is made from vegetable dyes.
  • Design: These wooden toys don’t have sharp edges and lightweight so kids and babies can handle them easily
  • Safety: Made with non-toxic natural wood and painted with vegetable natural color which is 100% safe to kids and Infants aged below 5 years

Multi use of Wooden Rattles

There are many advantages to buying  Chawooden rattles

  • Unlike Plastic, these are the safest toys for your loved one as these are made of wood
  • You get natural sound unlike using batteries
  • Your child will learn Type of Indian musical instruments
  • Vegetable dyes are used in the coloring process to ensure that the toys and dolls are safe for use by children.
  • These toys don’t have sharp edges and are safe to use by babies.
  • No batteries used
  • Natural friendly material used.
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