Wood triangle planter


ArtyCratz.in promotes environmentally friendly planters. It helps in creating a sustainable environment. We make sure that our products promote a healthy environment but we don?t want to leave carbon footprints behind. We at urbano make this sustainable planter available at an affordable rate and deliver it at your doorstep.


Wood Triangle Planter is a newly design tabletop planter made by our master craftsmen. It is triangle in shape with slightly flatten tips. It is suitable for indoor spaces like the living room, dinning table or balcony.

This planter is intrinsically dark brown in color because of that it is more natural look to your home interiors.
Its classy design attracts the eye and thus, this planter is a perfect piece for your room decor. We, at Urbano, strive towards promoting a sustainable living, and thus, we provide eco-friendly products to ensure leaving the least carbon footprint. Purchase this aesthetic tabletop planter at a reasonable cost and advance towards a green environment.


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