Wall Art/Wall Painting/Photo Frame- Hindu Goddess Durga Maa | Embroidery Ring


Wall hanging is not just a great way to showcase photographs or snapshots, arts, but also an unique wall decoration.
Set Contents:1 Wall Hanging
Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting
Care:Handle with Care
Sold By:ACR-019



The white, red & yellow colours being delicately used by the artisan here gives the final touch to the magnificent painting of Maa Durga. Completely hand-made. This painting will look beautiful against both neutral coloured walls and bright walls. It can be a great gift to your friends & loved ones. Durga Maa is the greatest and most popular goddess of Hinduism. She is the protective mother of the universe. She is a protector of all that is good and harmonious in the world. With her vahaana(vehicle), lion, Durga battles the forces of evil in the world. The frame is made from high quality Canva and painted in Acrylic. Backside Protected by the Hard Board and Ready to Hang on the Wall.


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