Symbol Sri Aum Gayatri Talisman Pendant Gift Amulet Decor Good Luck, Success and Money Charm Protection Interior Wall Hanging Living Set of 2

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Products Dimension:?13 x 1 x 15 cm
Weight:0.06 Kilograms
Set Contents:Set of 2 Wall Hanging
Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting
Hsn Code:26203010
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This beautiful depiction of Gayatri Mantra with “OM” Wall/Door Hanging by Divya Mantra is a collector’s item. The symbol OM represents oneness with the Supreme and helps in spiritual attainment. The OM is most commonly used as a charm to bring good fortune. Gayatri mantra is believed to bring happiness and luck as per Vedas. So to bring such good luck and charm to your home, buy one today. This symbol is placed at the entrance door of the house / pooja room/ place of business/ office / factory to keep away ill fate and fill your lives with happiness.

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