Reed Diffuser with Ceramic Pot – Lemon Grass – Home Fragrances – Risk-Free – Easy to use – 60 ml


Brand: IRIS
Colour: Lemon grass
Material: Ceramic
Model Name: Iris Reed Diffuser with Ceramic Pot – Lemon Grass Home Fragrances INRD0101LG
Product Dimensions 50L x 26W x 85H Millimeters
Sold by : Ripple.in

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Reed Diffuser with Ceramic Pot – Lemon Grass – Home Fragrances – Risk-Free – Easy to use – 60 ml

  • Introducing our Reed Diffuser with Ceramic Pot in Lemon Grass fragrance – a fresh and invigorating addition to your home. Immerse yourself in the natural essence of lemon grass, elegantly housed in a ceramic pot. With 60 ml of premium fragrance oil, this reed diffuser offers a risk-free and effortless way to fill your living spaces with a delightful aroma.
  • Transform your home into a vibrant and uplifting haven with the refreshing scent of lemon grass. The natural, citrusy aroma adds a burst of freshness, creating an invigorating and lively ambiance.
  • The reed diffuser comes in an exquisite ceramic pot, enhancing the visual appeal of your decor. The carefully crafted pot adds a touch of sophistication to any room, making it a stylish and functional accessory.
  • Enjoy a prolonged aromatic experience with 60 ml of high-quality lemon grass fragrance oil. The generous quantity ensures a consistent release of the captivating scent, creating a lasting and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Our reed diffuser is designed for hassle-free enjoyment. Simply place the reeds into the fragrance oil in the ceramic pot, and let them absorb the scent. The risk-free design ensures a mess-free and convenient aromatic experience.
  • The set includes natural reed sticks that act as efficient diffusers. These sticks gently disperse the fragrance throughout the room, providing a consistent and delightful scent without the need for electricity or open flames.
  • Perfect for any room in your home, the reed diffuser with lemon grass fragrance is versatile and adaptable to various settings. Place it in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or office to enjoy the revitalizing aroma.
  • Say goodbye to artificial air fresheners and welcome a natural and delightful fragrance experience. The reed diffuser not only freshens the air but also serves as an elegant decor piece, enhancing the overall ambiance of your living spaces.
  • Transform your living spaces into a refreshing sanctuary with our Reed Diffuser in Lemon Grass fragrance. Embrace the natural and invigorating scent while adding a touch of elegance to your decor. The risk-free and easy-to-use design ensures a delightful aromatic experience, making it a perfect addition to your home fragrance collection.

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