Natural Gomati Chakra Healing Gem Stone Bonsai Fortune Vastu Plant 50 Crystals/Beads -Set of 2


Products Dimension:?12 cm X 5.5 cm X 17 cm
Weight: 300 Grams
Set Contents:Set of 1 Vastu Plant Sculpture Tree
Suitable for:Home Decor and Gifting
Sold By :ACP-043


This wire gem tree has purple crystals tied with a golden wire that adds an aristocratic charm to anywhere it is placed. The cleansing effect eliminates negative energy & stabilizes the aura. A tree’s branches give shade and protection from the sun. Similarly, this gem tree always gives us love, happiness and protection from the evil spirits around us. Keeping this chakra stone tree at home or workplace removes the imbalances in our life.

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