Krishna Flute Brass Key Holder Hall Hanging Shelf Stand Decorative


Material Brass
Products Dimension 18 x 1 x 5 Centimeters
Weight 182 Grams
Suitable for Home Decor and Gifting
Set Contents Set of 1 Key Holder

Sold By:ACP-046

Hsn Code:26203010



Krishna Flute Brass Key Holder Hall Hanging Shelf Stand Decorative

  • Introducing our Krishna Flute Brass Key Holder, a divine and decorative accessory that adds a touch of spiritual elegance to your entryway or hall. Crafted with intricate detail and inspired by the divine melody of Lord Krishna’s flute, this key holder combines functionality with artistic beauty.
  • Elevate your home decor with the divine aura of our Krishna Flute Brass Key Holder. The intricately crafted flute design pays homage to the spiritual significance of Lord Krishna, infusing your space with a sense of serenity and grace.
  • Beyond its spiritual symbolism, this key holder serves as a functional piece for your entryway. The flute acts as a keyring holder, providing a designated space to keep your keys organized, while the small shelf offers a convenient spot for other essentials or decorative items.
  • Crafted from high-quality brass, the exquisite craftsmanship is evident in the fine details of the flute design. The durable material ensures longevity, making this key holder a lasting and cherished addition to your home.
  • The integrated shelf offers versatility, allowing you to showcase small decor items, keepsakes, or even a tiny plant. It’s not just a key holder; it’s a decorative shelf that adds a personalized touch to your living space.
  • Invite the spiritual essence of Lord Krishna into your home with this divine key holder. Whether you’re a devotee or simply appreciate the artistic representation, the Krishna Flute Brass Key Holder brings a sense of peace and connection to your daily life.
  • Transform your home with the spiritual elegance of the Krishna Flute Brass Key Holder. Embrace the divine presence in your living space while enjoying the practicality of an organized entryway. Let this key holder stand as a symbol of artistry, spirituality, and harmonious living.

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